What is BioVoz?

People identity validation solution that uses voice biometrics as an identification factor.

It is designed to integrate with our clients’ platforms, allowing us to be

used in various processes within organizations.



  • Initial enrollement

    Before using BioVoz, the user must enroll. This process is done only once by the user. In order to enroll, the user must access the system and give his or her voice samples in a simple and guided process, taking about one minute. For electronic document signing, enrollment is optional.

  • Using BioVoz

    The user accesses BioVoz by a regular call or an application, and by means of a guided process, presents his or her voice samples in order to execute the desired process:

    -Password resetting and Unblock user
    -Get access to an application or Authorize a transaction
    -Sign a document



Automated password reset and manage

Transaction authorization

Electronic document signing


1. Cost reduction

2. Fraud reduction

3. Productivity increase

4. Strong security

5. Ease of use

6. Integration

(AD, mail servers, RDBMS, business aplications, web portals, and so on)

7. Ready to play

Ready to play

8. Hight availability
24 x 7

9. Prevents repudiation

10. Zero paper

(Electronic signing)

Main Integration



Allows for the automation of the process of password reset and user unblock using any type of phone. It allows for the use of several passwords for each user (for different systems or applications) and allows the system to personalize the parameters that will be used in the password resetting process. The solution lowers the client’s costs by being a self-care system, increases the productivity and gives agility to the process.


Allows for integrating the user authentication in transactional processes. The system uses an advanced voice recognition system in order to secure the process of identity validation and gives access to the user to transactional processes.


Allows the user to use his or her voice for digitally signing electronic documents, with legal validity.

Download Brochure

To expand the information or learn more about our BioVoz solution, download the complete pdf by clicking on the image.