What is BioAcceso?

BioAcceso is the name of the next generation of access control systems based on IP connectivity and biometric security.

The meeting of IP technology and biometrics makes a perfect fit taking advantage of the merits of each technology. The additional cost of using biometrics is offset at BioAcceso by removing costly conventional control panels from the system and eliminating wiring from a central panel to each reader. BioAcceso’s IP connectivity technology makes the distribution of biometric information on the network a simple task.

BioAcceso offers easy installation and configuration of devices with a graphical user interface and powerful wizards.



  • Specs

    Maximum 512 doors , Maximum 512 devices , Client - Server (up to 32 clients), 128 time zones, 128 access groups, zone: Maximum 64 devices per zone / input limitation, anti-passback / Alarm zone / Fire alarm zone, Network interface: TCP / IP, RS485, Database: MSDE, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Supported devices: BioStation, BioStation T2, BioEntry Plus, BioLite Net, D-Station, X-Station.

  • System structure

    Compared to conventional access control systems, BioAcceso provides efficiency and stability by intelligently distributing itself to each door. A number of networked Ethernet or RS485 devices can be easily grouped to coordinate a zone for anti-passback or alarm management.

  • IP Access Control

    The BioAcceso system goes one step further than conventional access control systems, by combining unique biometric identification with the configurable capabilities of access cards.
    With this easy and intuitive user interface to use, and configuration with wizards, BioAcceso provides comprehensive security for access control for large enterprise systems, as well as medium and small ones.

    - User management
    - Access control
    - Door handling
    - Visual monitoring by map
    - Device management
    - Zone management

  • Time control

    BioAcceso includes time control features that allow administrators to define categories of times, shifts, daily schedules, and holiday settings. BioAcceso's time control capabilities can be used to enforce check-in and check-out procedures, restrict access to unscheduled or off-duty personnel, and report attendance data.

    BioAccess allows administrators to customize functions for terminals and specify how events are stored. The BioAcceso interface also allows monitoring the status of user entry and exit in real time.

    - Calculation of hours worked
    - Management of holidays and absenteeism
    - Shift management
    - Input / Output Board
    - Reports

Download Brochure

To expand the information or learn more about our BioAcceso solution, download the complete pdf by clicking on the image.